Jolly ole Saint Nick!


Santa…eh? or nay? Harmless fictional character to whom you encourage your children to believe in? Or a code name for Satan that will only lead to doom and destruction of your child’s innocence??

Believe it or not I have heard arguments for both ends of the spectrum (Fictional Character??? Some people are just nuts!) and up until now I was not sure what my stance should be. Being the insane Christmas fanatic that I am of course I love Santa, but also as a Christian I do see that sometimes Santa can steal the spotlight of the holiday in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Not too long ago I had a parent approach me and ask if I had any suggestions on how to break it to their child that Santa isn’t real. The parent’s predicament was that they had been teaching their child about how fibbing is wrong…and now they were going to tell her that they had been “fibbing” about Santa her ENTIRE LIFE (which spans about 7 years).

I started thinking… why do we put ourselves through this? Why introduce Santa to our kids when we know that sooner or later they will be disappointed? Is it ethical to go to such great measures to get kids to believe just to let them down in years to come?

Who is Santa? He is a guy in an amazing red suit with an enchanting smile who answers the requests of children around the world. When kids believe in Santa they never think about how expensive the gift might be, or how implausible it would be for him to get it down their chimney, they believe Santa can make it happen…no matter what.

Santa is a faith builder. Matthew 7:9-11 illustrates that a good parent takes care of his children and knows how to give good gifts, and if that earthly parent know how to give good gifts how much great would the gifts be from the Heavenly Father. My Bible tells me that nothing is impossible for God…there is no limit of what God can do… no gift is impossible…

As children don’t think about the logistics of how Santa will come through for them so we don’t have to worry about logistics of how God can come through for us!

Faith & Belief in the Unseen

[Parents: when it comes time for you to real the truth about Santa to your child go at it with the approach of you are acting as a representative of Saint Nicholas (a generous man who gave gifts to children). Not that you have been lying to them, but you wanted them to know what it feels like to believe all things are possible, because that is how it feels when we put our faith in God!]


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