Rise of the Guardians


Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Mr Sand Man, and Jack Frost– what more could you ask of a great kid flick?!?! The moment I saw the very first preview for this I knew it was a must see for me. I am glad to inform this movie did not disappoint! It had action, creativity, an element of surprise, and left you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! If you haven’t had a chance to see this one yet— GO NOW…seriously get offline and go!

The whole premise of this movie really got me thinking about the role of guardians as played out in this feature. These fantastic five, if you will, were in charge of protecting the innocence of children that allow them to believe for the impossible. These guys were not just your wimpy fat man in red or your little white rabbit or even just a little pixie, they were warriors fighting again the darkness that was haunting kids dream lives and causing them not to believe.

I know another bad guy who the Bible says wants nothing more than to kill, steal, and destroy. He paces the earth like a lion seeking out whom he may devour. The difference between this bad guy and the one from the movie…he really exists! We too are in need of a Guardian– one who has greater power than our nemesis and authority to defeat him. Our guardian is Jesus Christ! He paid the price that we could not so that salvation can be offered as a free gift to all who simply believe. Belief for the impossible is what makes us stronger.

In the movie when the kids started to believe again the darkness got weaker. Our belief makes us stronger and able to defeat the power of the enemy. We simply must put action to our faith to come against anything that is not of God— fear, feelings of failure, unbelief for miracles, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy…. faith in God allows us to believe that Jesus has taken care of the adversary and that we were made to conquer!


Darkness Fleas

You are Free


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