How much is that Life in the window?

If we could put a dollar amount on life— what would it be?

The value and perspective of how priceless life is seems to be fading in a generation that seems so hurt and calloused that bringing a gun to school and taking out a few lives doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. Why the increase of guns being brought to once safe places and spreading terror everywhere it goes? Is it a lack of gun control? Maybe gun safety? Needing greater counselor support in schools and in Insurance plans?

Each time I hear of another shooting I just want to know why? Millions of questions stream through my brain with no exact answers except one…. the value of life is becoming less and less.

What you value you protect.


A priceless painting such as The Mona Lisa is hanging in one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world. The highest security measures are taken in order to make sure nothing would ever happen to it. If someone gets too close to it alarms will sound. Bullet proof. Fire proof. Water proof. There is only one of this piece of art never to be reproduced by the original designer.

One of a Kind



Each person on the planet today holds value even greater than this painting hanging in a museum. Each life is a one of a kind masterpiece that can never be recreated by the original designer. You are a living, breathing, processing work of art put on the planet to add beauty and to fulfill a unique destiny that no other masterpiece could fulfill.

One of a Kind

Valuable Beyond Measure


What if we started acting like our life and the lives of those around us were as valuable as they really are? Would our time spent with others feel more precious? You have a one of a kind opportunity today to Live LifeNo greater privilege than to Be the most priceless thing on the planet.

Life = Priceless


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