Daily Disciple

Here is week 1 of a series we did on Discipleship last year. I coupled it with a daily devotional for the kids to take home and work through with their parents to get them in the routine of getting into the word and praying everyday.

Hope you Enjoy it!

Daily Disciple

January 2011 Series

This series we are learning what it means to be a daily follower of Jesus! There are certain sacrifices we must make in order to live the abundant life God promises, but it is so worth it to live in such a way that pleases Him!

Memory Verse: Romans 8:5


Week 1: Called to be a Disciple

Big Idea: Daily Disciples make a sacrifice



Why is it important to sign on as a “Daily Disciple”? Seems like its not gonna be easy… so what’s in it for me? When we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior we are saying that we trust God with everything in our lives and that no matter what happens you know he has your back. Beyond that we must decide daily to take on the challenge and growing more like him and following him in a way that pleases him. Why? Because– you know that warm fuzzy feeling you got when you first trusted God… or the freedom you felt knowing that whenever you die you know you will get to go to the best place ever and see your heavenly father who loves you so very much? When we are daily disciples we have such joy and excitement about what God has done in us we can’t help but share with everyone we meet!

Imagine how your school could be different is everyone you know had a relationship with Jesus. What would that look like?



Matthew 10:1-15

Jesus called his disciples one by one. In this passage we see Jesus give them their “job description” in a sense. He told them it would not be easy and there would be times they would feel like giving up, but not to be discouraged. As a present day disciple it is much easier to be encouraged in the tough times as a disciple. These 12 guys.. I like to call them the “Big 12” signed on to be Christ followers just by faith and personal encounters with Jesus himself. They were signed up far before the Bible as know it was even written, and still they believed. We are fortunate now to have a full Bible loaded with all kinds of faith building stories how God has been faithful to his people in the past.


Talk Time:

  • How can you be a Disciple?
  • What would that look like?
  • What are the names of the “Big 12”?
  • Why is it important to sign on as a “Daily Disciple”?



  1. Go into all the world and preach good news!

it is our great privileged to live as a follower of Christ and to go boldly and share the good news. When we ask Jesus into our hearts we are automatically enlisted as his Disciple which comes with great power in heaven and on earth. Our main mission on the planet is to spread the truth and love of God and bring as many into the kingdom as we can!


  1. You can be a Disciple 

You don’t have to live back in the Bible days and have a beard in order to be a disciple. All believers are disciples– it just means that we are committed to a life walking in the Spirit, and have the mission of God on our hearts each day.


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