The Color Run SF 2013

color run beforeThe Color Run was just as much fun as everyone makes it out to be! I am by no means a runner, so a 5k where you get to play in the ultimate chalk, colorful, bliss that is The Color Run is totally for me! My goal this year is to participate in 3 runs- this was my first of the year and my next one is the Neon Night Run coming up in May which is another 5k. Hopefully by the fall I can work my way up to a 10k!

After we completed the Color Run we came up with some helpful tips that we would have LOVED to know before participating in this super fun, super colorful run!




color run me


  1. Bring towels, Water Jugs, and Baby Wipes   

-After we had been coated with the wonderful color we didn’t think about how we would get to a place to change into our clean clothes. Unlike the Survivor Mud Run I participated in last April there were no water stations to rinse off nor were there designated changing areas. In the future I would note to bring plenty of old towels to line the seats of your car and water jugs to rinse off with. BABY WIPES for your face and hands. It was crazy hard to get the color off after we let it settle for as long as did, but had we brought some wet wipes we could have easily gotten cleaned up in a jiffy.

color run after


2. Wear a Costume

-Costumes are not only SUPER FUN, but they also allow the people who come with you to watch to be able to spot you in the crowd of color crazies! I find this to be helpful in any Fun/Adventure run you might participate in. My fiance did the Tough Mudder last fall and he just wore a white Under Armor shirt and black shorts— needless to say I had a hard time tracking him down throughout the race. Costumes are for more than just looking super rad!

color run swag


3. The Bigger the Group the Better

-This is totally what I would call a “Party Run”! The more people in your group the more fun you will have before and after the race. So get a big ole group together and party it up– thats really what this run is all about 🙂


4. Make a Plan for Meeting up After the Race

-My last suggestion to all you Color Runners out there would be to make sure you plan out your meeting time and place for after the race. Its so easy to get separated from your group and/or your ride. After the race, literally everyone looks the same!  The search for your group is much harder than you would ever think– so make a plan before the race begins.


I encourage anyone and everyone to participate in The Color Run! It was soooo much fun and I am totally looking forward to the next one 🙂


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