How to write your own Kids Church Curriculum

How to write your own curriculumWhen I started my first full time position as a Children’s Pastor I had no idea what all went into the weekly planning of Kids church. Until this point I had been a volunteer and my main responsibilities were to do what ever the Kid’s Pastor told me to do…ahh those were the days! 🙂 When I came in the kids church was already in the middle of a curriculum and if there was one thing I learned in Bible College it was NOT to make any immediate changes when you first start a ministry position! 

Eventually the curriculum ran out and I was stuck on what to do next?! How do you pick one that fits your kids best? Why are they so dang expensive? Which ones will teach what I feel God is speaking to this group?

So I picked a few free resources in the mean time from Life Church in Oklahoma City (which is an AMAZING free resource for all of you out there- go to These were just month by month series with videos that went with them and I could pick and choose from there. Next, I went with the Hillsong Kids BIG series- these are totally great too!! They now have enough curriculum to serve an entire year of kids ministry! You should check them out too

All that to say, I looked everywhere and found some wonderful resources but got to the end of the series and always came to that all terrifying question… “What do we talk about next week?!?!?!”

Then it hit me, why not just write my own?!?! The thought of actually coming up with your own weekly lessons might scare your pants off, but I believe it can be one of the most powerful ways of impacting a generation of World Changers!

here’s a peek at how I do it…

1) Ask God What to Say

– Spending time in prayer is the number one key of how to successfully write your own curriculum. Don’t underestimate your lesson time– what you do is just as important as what is going on in “BIG CHURCH” you are just working with more energy and shorter attention spans! God desires to speak to this generation words of truth and power, and when you are in the place of prayer you can get the downloads from Heaven that need to come out to your group.

2) Start with a Basic Outline


– I always start out with 3 basic categories written out in my “idea book”: Intro, Storytelling (Bible Story), and Big Points. I will start with the portion I am most clear on, then fill in the others. For example I am in the process of writing a series that takes the kids through the Gospels as it happened. Since we are going in order my Storytelling portion is already set, so I will meditate on the scripture portion we will be going over and get the points that I think the kids need to get out of it. I generally leave the intro to last because it is a preface of what is to come in the sermon/lesson, so how could I write that before the message is set?!

Just try it, grab a Bible, a notebook, find a quiet place, and just see what God would say through you! You will be amazed by how faithful he is in the writing process.

3) Be Flexible and HAVE FUN!


– Writing might be something that totally terrifies you, but its really not that scary. Just trust that God has put you in the position you are in for a purpose and that you have a message he wants to deliver through you! Be prepared to have one week here and there that just feels like it wasn’t the best… I have had plenty of those, but ultimately it was those “weak weeks” that helped me grow and trust that God’s got my back.

Hope this encouraged you in your endeavors at reaching and equipping this young generation of World Changers!

Love & Blessings


5 thoughts on “How to write your own Kids Church Curriculum

  1. Thank you for this post! I’m a new Children’s Pastor and was given the task of somewhat creating or finding a curriculum to use for Kids Church! Very Helpful and encouraging!

    • Sorry it took so long to respond :/ We are actually located in the Central Valley… Close enough to the Bay that I am over there as much as possible! SF is my fav city 🙂 I used all the Hillsong that was out at the time I started my position…loved it, only problem was I ran out before any more series were released which pushed me in the direction of writing. A “God-nudge” if you ask me 🙂 We have used: Supernatural, Tell the World, and Follow You and I loved all of them. I believe there are some newer ones out now that I haven’t tried, but everything I have seen from them has been top of the line.

      Hope this helps!! Praying blessings and wisdom on your search 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting your ideas, very encouraging for those who are attempting to write their own curriculum. This is totally new to me. I’ve been teaching from someone else’s curriculum for over 3 yrs now and I feel the need to have a custom fit for my kids class. They are this generations revivalists! Now I’m excited to grab my pen and paper! Thank you again.

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