Beck’s Thoughts: What makes that a chick car?

I have fallen off the blog world lately and decided to get a random thought out there that I was thinking about as I drove into work this morning…. What makes a certain car a “Chick Car”??

I have come up with a few determiners that you might be driving a “chick car”

The first most obvious might be…

1) When you come across someone driving that same make and model as you, is it mostly men or women? That could be an indicator that you are driving a chick car… exhibit A
DSC00348Sorry to all the dudes out there who might be driving one of these bad boys…just from my experience the majority of owners are of the female persuasion.

2) The steering wheel... On the drive this morning I noticed how nicely the steering wheel fits my hand in my adorable little Scion XA (I call her Lil’ Bit…. others have referred to her as the Go-Kart which hurts her feelings). When I drive my husbands Honda Accord I notice how much larger of a grip his steering wheel requires. So, I have come to the conclusion that you can gauge if you are driving a chick car according to how the steering wheel fits into your hand.

scion xaisn’t she just adorable!!!!!!

3) And lastly.. the EASIEST way to determine whether you are driving a chick car or not….

eyelashesIF IT HAS EYELASHES YOU MIGHT BE DRIVING A CHICK CAR 🙂 Duh…. didn’t cartoons teach you anything– only girls have eyelashes!

Hope this clears some things up in your life that you are forever changed from this post! haha



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