Together We Stand :why families should worship together corporately.


As a Children’s Pastor I see the value of having kids services custom built for the kids to connect with God in a way that will be exciting and engaging for them. Obviously it is one of my greatest desires in life is that kids would LOVE church! I love church and want everyone to experience that same love not only for the Bride of Christ, but also a love for the deep community built in corporate gatherings designed to lift Jesus up and see cities and regions transformed by the power of God. I believe it is time for families to take time to worship together. Kids services and youth services are wonderful ( I would be crazy to not believe that since its kinda my ENTIRE MINISTRY POSITION haha), but I believe there is power when the family stands together in times of worship.

Why is it soooo important for kids to worship with their families!?? Can’t I just take them to kids church and let that team be in charge?!?!

If only it were that easy 🙂 God put us in families for a purpose. Parents: it is your key responsibility to teach, train, and influence young believers in the way they should go. Your Children’s ministry team at church is there to support you in this, but you are the primary spiritual care giver. [Soap Box Over]

Here are 3 reasons I believe it is essential for the family to worship together…


Let your kids know that you know the same Jesus they are learning about and trusting in more each week. If you never spend time worshipping together or talking about what God is doing your life, how will they know about your relationship with him. Sure, you can talk about Jesus in the home but when you add in the tangible example that can be most powerful! Let them see you as a lover of Jesus. Lead by example.


Worship makes us stronger. As we read through the Psalms of David he would “delight himself in the Lord” when he was feeling weak. Through his praise strength was unleashed to believe God for more. When the family is together during worship that becomes the cornerstone and your family strength is found in Him. United in worship is the best foundation for the family.


Let your kids see how fun it is to worship God! Past the kids songs with awesome motions, there is pure joy and delight when we are worshipping the King of Kings!! I have seen some of the kids in adult worship settings laying on the pew sleeping or playing on their iPads. This boggles my mind when I know those very same kids get super in to worship when they are in Kids Church! The reason this happens I believe is because they have yet to discover that His Presence is not only the same in every gathering, but also is FUN! God created LAUGHTER, JOY, TICKLING, and so much more! I have to believe we were made to have fun and enjoy His presence.

So this weekend let’s worship together on a whole new level!





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