Kids Pastor Fashion

As a woman in Ministry its hard sometimes to put together the perfect outfit for services or even just a day in the office. You want to be conservative and covered, but you don’t want to wear a nun’s habit mean-nun…unless you are a Nun, then more power to ya!

If your like me you might think a woman pastor should were a pants or skirt suit each week…joyce_meyer_pastor…like Joyce does.

But in Kidmin that just doesn’t cut it… not to mention I am still under 40 and trying to be as trendy and cute as possible! No mom-jeans just yet…or ever! I think I could comfortably transition to Yoga pants in the mom stage, but I know I shouldn’t… I digress.

This page is devoted to helping my sista’s out! Look cute, fashionable, and modest! I believe we are carrying the most important message in the world so lets make sure we look the part!!  It can be done ladies and here are some tips for you:


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWhen you wear your team shirt in kids church every Sunday things can get a little boring. You might be tempted to just throw on a pair of Adidas track pants and go! Please don’t.. you are not a gym teacher…this might be acceptable in the Nursery because you are on the floor with the littles all morning, but for elementary aged services stick to real pants (those with zippers and a button). Colored pants and a jacket will help spruce up that T-shirt and turn it into an outfit rather than something you “have to wear”.

…more to come…

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